Business Info

“One World! Think eco-friendly”
When the economic development era began in Korea in 1960s, Dongeen also started as Dongmyung Textile, which rapidly grew by manufacturing tarpaulin as its main product.
After this, we took an important role by converting into a new phase with special laminating papers and automotive carpet industry, and then formed into company we are known today, Dongeen. Our objective includes meeting the demands of the day and be part of culture creation by focusing on continuous capital investment. We also put a priority on a blissful harmony with nature based on excellent quality and technology.
We always think of customer’s satisfaction as our top priority and we are never afraid of new challenges and innovations. Dongeen prepares for a new leap forward for an advanced and more prosperous tomorrow.
Production Capacity
- apprx. 12,000,000M/month
- apprx. 144,000,000M/year
- apprx. 10,000,000M/month
- apprx. 120,000,000M/year
- Laminating Machine-4 (Max. width: 1,550mm)
- Solvent-free Silicone Laminating Machine-2 (Max. width: 1,600mm)
- Carpet Coating Machine-1
- Cutting(slitting) machine-5