User’s guide

Storing release paper
  • Keep rolls away from direct sunlight.
  • Please keep in mind that exposed paper and release paper can easily deformed by humidity and temperature.
  • At ordinary times, please store goods: temperature 20°C (±3), humidity 50RH.
  • If storing for long time, packaging should be maintained as they are.
  • The remaining part of the product after use should be same as the beginning; packaging and storage conditions
  • Please store the goods on the flat surface horizontally.
  • If you stack the rolls, please use sequentially produced in the priority received.
Customers’ directions for the use
  • When you move or transport rolls, please use special attention. (Moving rolls can damage the outer surface of the packaging.)
  • If you rewind the roll, please use the same core size.
  • Paper tension should not be too high or too low